God Will Wait on You

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Kris King’s hubby – In reading the story of Herod and John the Baptist, I was amazed at the intensity of his wife Herodias’s hatred. Herod married (stole) his brothers wife, and John the Baptist was outspoken in his disapproval of it.

When her daughter danced for Herod, he found such pleasure with it that he offered her up to half his kingdom. Half the kingdom!! Half his riches!! Here was an opportunity to have financial security equal to the king, for a female whom at that time was considered “second class”…An opportunity that would have been obvious to her mom. Yet, when asked, what did her mom say? The head of John the Baptist!!  Here was a woman so full of hatred that she totally wasted the chance of a lifetime for her daughter. Squandered!! All due to emotions.

Kris often meets with women one-on-one. They talk about life, conflict, emotions, finances, marriage, children, in-laws, and out-laws. It amazes me some of the things that people blame God for. Decisions they, or a family member, made that were so obviously wrong.

Sometimes it’s emotions or ill-will, for things that are not necessarily wrong. Maybe an in-law pointed out a bad financial decision, then again maybe they don’t like the way the towels are folded. Regardless, feelings are raw and decisions are made rashly sometime. Damage is done. Wounds can run deep. Then in the aftermath, when the dust clears, we want God to straighten it out.

Yet often, our heart still isn’t where it needs to be. The healing can’t take place, because we aren’t ready. So God in His infinite wisdom, waits. The hurt continues. The wounds fester. And often we get mad at God for LETTING it happen!

God never rushes things. He is long-suffering, and He is also patient. He will let us wallow in our mistakes for as long as He see’s we need. He is not watching the SITUATION. He is watching our HEART.

I wonder, did Herodias or her daughter pay dearly for the decision made in hatred? Did they ever realize their mistake? Did God let them die penniless?

Hmmm, what bad decisions is God letting me work through, even now?…


And when it grew late, His disciples came to Him and said, “This is a desolate place, and the hour is now late. Send them away to go into the surrounding countryside and villages and buy themselves something to eat.” But He answered them, “You give them something to eat.”  (Mark 6:35-37)