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Month: March, 2015

Can God Use Even ME?…

RAMBLINGS from the King Team’s dad – I started reading through the Bible again this year, and this time I am doing it with a chronological Bible. Reading this way seems so much less confusing. If David fought some of those “ites”, (like the Canaanites), you only read about it once, not several times in different books.

Today I was reading through Joshua. Moses the great prophet that God had used to get His people out of Egypt and through the 40 years of wondering through the wilderness, just died. In fact, the Bible says God called him up on the mountain to die and no one but God knows where he is buried. I guess God took care of that.

Then He wants to make it very clear that Joshua, Moses assistant, is His new man with the people of Israel. He gives Joshua specific instructions on how they will cross the Jordan river on dry ground. Joshua repeats the instructions and everyone crosses the Jordan, never getting their sandal wet. 

So I had read about Moses. Then I read about Joshua. Both great men. But then God throws us a curveball. Joshua sends a couple of spies over to Jericho and check it out. They are seen, and would have been captured, but Rahab a prostitute, saves them by hiding them on her roof.

A prostitute. A lady of the night. Not exactly our idea of an exemplary citizen. So why is this story shared in the Bible?

I hope it is to remind us no matter how badly we have messed up in life, that God will forgive us. No matter how dirty we are with the crud of life from bad decisions, or just bad situations, God is more then willing to clean us off and give us a new start. Not only will He forgive us, but He will turn around and use us. Rahab was a “harlot”, and yet she is mentioned in the Bible in a positive light. 

Not only is she redeemed because of her efforts, it goes on to tell us that she and her parents are spared. Not only her parents, but her siblings…and their families….and all her father’s relatives.  I wonder if they felt any different about her after she saved them, then they did before she saved them?

Her faith had a ripple effect that went out and altered generations. God used her in spite of her past transgressions!  In fact, later she is even mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus! 

Here is my question for the day: How bad have you messed up? 

Here is my answer for the day: Not so badly, that God can’t clean you off, and use YOU. That my friend, is some wonderful news for all of us!



Dating: Part 1: Pre-Dating

My incredible wife was a writer for a monthly magazine back when the kids were little. I guess it should come as no surprise that our kids might get that same writing gene. Hopefully, if you have ever read anything I’ve wirtten in the past, you know how incredibly proud I am of the kids God has blessed us with.

I just finished reading another post our middle child and only daughter wrote. Just WOW!

Dating: Part 1: Pre-Dating.

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