My Favorite Comic Book

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – Connor loves comic books. Even now in college, I will catch him reading electronic ones on his tablet. He will show me how the hero fights for justice and often takes a bullet for those around him. But in the end, he overcomes the bad guys saving the innocent bystander or damsel in distress. I guess thats why he, Evan and I have made it to all the Marvel movies, often the night they premier!

Reluctantly I have to admit they get it from me. I was reading my favorite comic book this morning. Conflict was taking place, the SuperHero was confronted by the bad guys. They caught him and took him to their leader. Reading it you knew they were about to kill him. But the leader strangely found him no threat. He did have him beaten good, like you would in any villain movie.

After the beating, the leader went to turn the SuperHero loose. But his underlings wanted no part of it. They had the audacity to demand to their leader sitting on his throne, that the SuperHero be killed. After some back and forth, the leader succumbed to the crowd, and sent him off to be killed.

Here is the curveball I was thrown, differing from most other comic book stories. The SuperHero died! Not only did he die, he willing let them kill him. He even crawled up on the death machine, and then let them secure him to it, when he could have easily used the power he had to annihilate them all.

The bad guys stood there and watched him suffer. They loved it. They taunted him. They spat on him. Yet frustratingly he did NOTHING! Come on SUPERHERO, do something! But unlike other comic book stories, a few hours later he died. No sooner had he died, that his SuperHero dad, who was watching from afar, was upset enough that the midday got dark as night, and the earth shook.

The people prepared to die as they realized the SuperHero’s dad had the power to retaliate 1000 fold. But then another strange thing happened…nothing! They all got up off the ground, dusted themselves off, and went home. The Superhero was uneventfully taken and buried.

I began to wonder if the writer of this story would ever get another job writing! The story line was proceeding terribly.

The SuperHero’s friends grieved his lose. They had such high expectations for him. They were so sure he would be the new ruler of the world.

Three days later some of his fans went by his burial site to grieve. They were saddened even more to find his body had been stolen. As they turned to go tell their friends, they are shocked to their knees as they come face to face with the SuperHero!

This is AWESOME news! Now he will go kick everybody’s tail that was a part of his killing. Especially those jerks taunting him and spitting on him! The adoring fans run ahead to tell the others.  At first they aren’t believed. There are some serious doubters, after all, they saw him die.

Everything changes though, when the SuperHero walks in the room. They rejoice. They celebrate his return. I am sure in their minds they prepare to retaliate. Instead, the SuperHero talks calmly to them. He goes around for a couple of weeks being seen doing nice things and saying nice things. Finally, he tells them its time for him to leave, and he does. The End


But as the great Paul Harvey would say, “but now, the rest of the story”.

This Superhero was not just any superhero. He was the co-creator of the universe! His Father was the King of ALL things. And His Father, who co-created all of us, let His Superhero Son, come down here amongst those He had created, walk among them, and then LET them kill Him.

Why you ask? Because the Father a long time ago has set the punishment for not following His rules, death. Not a $5 fine. Not writing 100 times I’m sorry. Not jail for a week. Death!

His Dad had the audacity to make ANY of the rule violations punishable by DEATH! A little harsh don’t you think?!? I would agree, except His dad then turned around and told the Superhero, “go die in their place”. And he did. Willingly. Even to the point of crawling onto the cross as it lay on the ground.

Then the SuperHero son came back to life 3 days later, and told everybody that He died in their place. The only thing they had to do was accept His death as the punishment for their rule violations. Not a $5 fine. Not writing 100 times I’m sorry. Not jail for a week. Just recognizing what He did, and accepting it. If they did, He invited them to come live with Him and His Dad in their home, forever. And unlike earth where there was fighting, and disease, and heartache, He promised them peace, health and joy.

WOW! That is a cool story. I can’t wait to see the movie!…..