Embrace The Day


RAMBLINGS from Evan King​’s dad – Last evening Evan and I were in the car together for several hours driving across town and back. We listened to music, we stopped for some food, we listened to the Democratic debate, and we talked politics. I enjoyed the time with him immensely.

Several days ago I heard of a man from our area dying in a motor vehicle accident. He was driving to work in the rain when he lost control of his car, crossed the yellow line and died in a head on collision.

I’m pretty sure he woke up that day thinking it would be like most every other work day. Probably had plans that evening to eat dinner with his wife and kids. Might have even had plans for a long weekend vacationing at the lake or the beach.

But he never had another dinner with his wife and kids. Never had the opportunity to take them again to the lake or the beach. He died that morning, moments earlier clueless that he was about to die. I don’t consider him an old guy, he was my age.

I have been blessed with 10 days of life since his death. I now try to embrace each one as if it is my last. Because it might be. If today is like the average day, somewhere around 6775 people in the USA will live their last day of life today. They will not wake up tomorrow to see another day.

Do me a favor. Today take an extra moment to hug your loved ones. Don’t haphazardly give them a kiss on the cheek and a flippant “love ya” as you leave them. You never know when it will be your last time.

Will you indulge me one more time? Take a moment and thank your Heavenly Father for the gift of another day of life. Because my friend, if what I believe is correct, it is truly a GIFT.

Question 1: If today was your last day to live, what would you do differently?

Question 2: If today was your last day to live, where would you wake up tomorrow?….

“THIS is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be GLAD in it.” Psalm 118:24.