The Final Page In Life

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – My mind goes back to the days Connor was in high school. Several times come to mind when I would go and check on him and his studies. I’d find him studying his notes, that looked more like microfiche then notes. His writing in microscopic font could have easily allowed War and Peace to be written on two pieces of paper. A whole weeks worth of notes on one side of note book paper! I would literally get a headache trying to read his itty-bitty writing.

I would then walk down the hall and check on his sibling doing their studies. Several times laying beside them would be a trashcan with a mountain of crumpled up paper spilling over the edges. When examined more closely, those crumbled pieces of paper often housed only a few words. Apparently someone was suffering writer’s block, and each failure was met with another piece of paper discarded in frustration. The miserly dad that I am would always think “what a waste of perfectly good paper”!

What if today was the last “piece of paper” you would ever have to write on? What would you spend your time writing? What would your friends and family find written on it tomorrow? Better yet, what would a total stranger learn of you by looking at that same piece of paper?

I pray today that we all live life hoping for another tablet of paper tomorrow, even looking forward to the pages we will pen in months and years to come. But embracing today, enjoying that sunrise or vista, or more importantly that smile or embrace, as if it’s our final page. Because as a friend found out recently, one day, yesterday will turn out to be the last day….