Its a Heart Thing

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Lacy’s dad – We were sitting around the TV the other evening and hearing once again about a tragic shooting. A confused individual goes in to a movie theatre and ends the life of several innocent bystanders and then himself. My heart grieved for all those who were impacted by this evil.

I must admit though, I am starting to grow weary of some of the garbage that we are fed on the news. I don’t know if its intentional or coincidental, but over and over I hear it’s a “gun issue”. We are told we have to take the guns away.

I am dumbfounded by the lack of common sense shown these days. But maybe that is no accident. Maybe they know that many of us blindly believe what we are told.

I was reading in the ancient writings of Isaiah again this morning. For a minute I thought it was describing, not a land 2500+ years ago, but present day America. People turning their backs on God and worshiping anything and everything but The Creator. They were looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. Much of it brought satisfaction, but only for a fleeting moment. People who claim to be “open minded” are speaking lies and deception, many being taught as truths, while little tolerance is allowed for the real truth. (Seems kind of ironic from one claiming to be open minded.)

My conclusion is this:
-It is not a “gun” issue.
-It is not a “flag” issue.
-It is not a “race” issue.
-It is not a “choice” issue.

It is nothing more then a HEART issue.

And just like in Isaiah where the people turned their hearts away from God, for a time, He turned His back on them. I see it again today. We have removed Him from the schools, removed Him from the courts, and even worse, removed Him from our daily lives. And then we are shocked and shout at that same God when these tragic events do take place.

Here’s some good news to cheer you and me up. God is still on His throne. None of this is catching Him by surprise.

Every praise is to our God!
He is our Saviour.
He is our Healer.
He is our Deliverer!…