Become Debt Free

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor King’s dad – Connor is not a saver. Connor at this point does not place a lot of emphasis on money. It’s not a big deal to him to give whatever he has, to someone who is in need. Countless times we have come home from church and found out that he emptied his piggy bank for another cause.

Connor needs to learn to save better. At this point anything he earns, could easily be in the hands of someone he thinks needs it worse by week’s end. Kris and I finally had to put the hammer down when it came to his siblings. One in particular always seemed to need to “borrow” money from him.

I know we need to work on his “savings” mentality. Just the other day Kris mentioned Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University curriculum for teens. Generation Change teaches teenagers how to handle their money responsibly, which is something so many of us do miserably today in our instant credit society. In his Financial Peace University, Ramsey covers topics like  relating to money, cash flow planning, dumping debt, buyer beware, the role of insurance, college planning to retirement, real estate and mortgages, and the power of giving.

It is sad to think that as a business major, I covered less then 20% of this in my entire college education. Where would we all be now if this were required? How many of us miss out on being used by God because we aren’t in a place financially to act when we see a need? How many blessings have we missed out on being a part of?

Now that I think about it, Connor has a much better grasp on saving then I thought. His savings he has been focused on are eternal!….


Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. (Romans 13:8)