Focus Your Life

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Lacy’s dad – Lacy has been singing since she was a little two year old. It is not unusual to walk in the house and hear her beautiful voice.

Sometimes I feel like Saul, coming home from work in a bad mood, ready to chuck a spear at someone. Lacy is my David, playing the piano or guitar instead of the harp, and adding to it her angelic voice. Many an evening I have sat in the main room of our house and had my spirit lifted as I listened to her sing.

Other times I have stopped at the bottom of the stairs leading up to her room, and listened as she belted out a song from behind her bedroom door.

I don’t know what God has planned for her in life. Like her brothers, she has many gifts and talents. (I even have a video of her several years back jumping on a pogo stick…while jumping rope at the same time.)  Maybe one day she will work at Cirque de Solei. Maybe Lacy has an aptitude for physics and advanced trigonometry and will help develop the spaceship that will take us to Mars.

But, she also seems to have an incredible aptitude for music. Not just an aptitude, but a gift. So my prayer this morning has been what it is most mornings; that God will direct each one of our kids in the path He wants them to take. I pray that He opens the doors they should go through, and slam tight the ones He doesn’t want them to go through.

I pray that their paths will be straight and well lit. I pray they won’t take some of the wrong turns I have taken.Turns that took me down some pretty bumpy roads, that often led to dead ends.  My hope is she will be much more in tune to the road map God has prepared for her life.

It’s so much easier negotiating the roads of life when you have in mind where you are heading, and how you want to get there…


Now Abraham was old, well advanced in years. And theLord had blessed Abraham in all things. (Genesis 24:1 ESV)