A Time of Cooperation

by kingteamdad

Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him.” (Job 13:15 NIV)

RAMBLINGS from Evan’s dad – One cold wintery day around the time Evan turned 15, I asked him to go out and build me a fire in the fire pit. At the time he was busy playing video games with his cousin Adam. I could tell he would have preferred to stay in the warmth as he looked out the window at the closing of a blustery day. But he stopped the game and went out into the cold evening air to do the chore tasked him.

As the sun set and it grew darker and colder outside, Evan prepared the wood in the fire pit. He used the tee-pee technique he had learned in Boy Scouts, placing the smallest on first, followed with larger pieces. Several times from the window I watched him as he blew warm breaths of air on his hands to warm them. It took some effort on his part to walk around gathering the wood. The small pieces, with careful preparation, began to flame up. He fed the hungry flames they created with bigger pieces. With patience and some diligence, he soon had a nice fire lighting up the night sky.

When the fire was big enough, I gathered the rest of the family and his two cousins, Adam and Jacob, and headed out to the fire. We all had something to drink, and as I approached Evan I handed him his drink, in a sliver chalice. His own personal silver chalice. I had done something similar several years back for Connor. Robert Lewis’ book, Raising a Modern Day Knight, had inspired me to go down this road with them both.

The boys were being taught chivalry. They learned to hold open doors for Mom and Lacy, and in the process they learned to hold open doors for others. Chairs were offered to them and other ladies when present, sometimes forcing them to stand, or sit on the floor. I wanted them to learn the dying art of being a gentleman.

Of course they took it to a whole new level with swords, bows and arrows, and anything else of which a modern day knight should be proficient!  (Maybe that is what helped lead Evan to his love for shooting.)

With family and cousins warming themselves around the newly built fire, we lifted our drinks in honor to our young squire, the newest knight in training. We reviewed for a few minutes the responsibilities and duties: resisting passivity, accepting responsibility, and leading with courage, all while serving their King. I was reminded of how Christ symbolized in so many ways the very epitome of a true Knight.

I wonder how often God has asked me to build a fire, when He had a blessing in store?  I wonder how often I hesitated, or even complained about having to build a fire? I wonder how often I have half-heartedly built a shabby fire, when its end results would be beneficial to others? I wonder how often He asked me to build a fire when God knew it would be for my benefit?…

I want to be more like Evan!….

Though He slay me,I will hope in Him; yet I will argue my ways to His face. (Job 13:15)