Margin Lets You Say “Yes” to God

by kingteamdad


RAMBLINGS from Lacy’s dad – Recently our lesson in our Bible study was on margin. We stressed how important it is to not only have margin with our finances, but also with our time.

Kris shared with the class the importance of making room for the seemingly less important things. Many of us load our calendar down with so much, that we don’t have time to even answer God, much less do something He’d like for us to. She talked about the moms who have talked with her and say they feel like nothing more then taxi drivers, having no time to do anything other then shuttle kids from practice to practice. Days so packed that the only time the family has a meal together is at Christmas!

One dad shared how his son’s birthday was on a Saturday and his son’s one request was going to a Animal Farm. The dad told his wife he was going to the church to do some work for an hour or two, and then be home. The mom was fuming when he got home at 4 that afternoon. All the son remembered was that he didn’t get to do the one thing he wanted for his birthday.

The dad did have an epiphany after that. He realized that he only had so much time each day, and his day was like a dinner plate. He could only get so much on it and at some point to get anything else on, he had to take something off. That particular day he had taken his son’s trip off, to put working at the church in its place. Sure he was doing something good, but at what cost?

Working at the church should be considered noble, right? Probably not if it comes at the expense of a 8 year olds birthday wish. As Christians our first priority should be God.  Following behind God, our second priority should be our family.

Dr. Jim and his wife years ago told us our kids are our ministry. He saw too many dads never make it to a play or a game because of work. I must admit that there is that rare time I have a meeting to attend and miss one of those plays or games, but it is rare. Lacy has now been in 26 stage productions, each time with multiple performances. I worked hard on my schedule and was able to make it to most of them.

Thankfully, I had margin built in to my time because of good advice I received from godly men like Dr. Jim and Phil Downer. These are men, one attorney and one physician, who had a lot of important things on their plates, kept their priorities straight.  Now that my kids are growing up and starting to leave home, I can look back and regret few missed opportunities…..

Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind. (Ecclesiastes 4:6 ESV)