When We Obey, God Smiles

by kingteamdad

We please God by what we do and not only by what we believe.” (James 2:24 CEV)

RAMBLINGS from Lacy’s dad – Lacy was our child that you never had to guess where she stood on things. She was, and is, very strong willed. (I wonder what other female in our house she got that from?)

Even when she was very little if we asked her to come here and do “this”, if she didn’t think that was a good idea she would go the opposite way and do something else. She was also very expressive in her words and actions, so there was never an opportunity for her to get away with something. Lacy would be the one caught red handed with her hand in the forbidden cookie jar and a ring of chocolate around her mouth!

It was always easy to see when Lacy was being defiant or disobedient. She made no attempt to hide it.

Her older brother was a different story. He did something that was called passive disobedience. We could call him to us, and he would come…75% of the way. We could ask him to do this and that, and he would do this…but not all of that. It actually took us a while to catch on to the fact that he was NOT being totally compliant. The reason was we superficially watched his actions and his expression.  It took us a while to catch on when we had such a stark difference with Miss Headstrong! But we did finally see that his passive disobedience was just as bad, if not quite as apparent, as Lacy’s.

God doesn’t have that problem with us. He goes right by our smile or frown, and looks at our heart. He knows our motivation before we do it. That is why I think its so important to spend time with Him and His word each morning. If I am working on that relationship, I’ll be more prone to guard it. If I am not working on it, I am more prone to neglect it.  If I am neglecting it, I will place less value on it. If I place less value on it, I am more likely to cut corners when I can.

God see’s our heart whether we blatantly disobey like Lacy, or passively disobey like Connor. Today I am so thankful that our persistence in trying to keep them in line has paid off. They are wonderful young adults who not only listen to us…but more importantly, listen to God….



Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into His presence with singing! (Psalms 100:2)