Faith Requires Commitment

by kingteamdad

“Many people are going to miss heaven by 18 inches — because they’ve got belief in their head, but they don’t have it in their heart.” – Rick Warren

RAMBLINGS from Evan’s dad – Evan was just old enough to remember my dad. But he never knew him before the Parkinson’s that overtook his body the final years he was with us.

But Evan has been around his other granddad much more then most. While we were building our previous house, we lived with Kris’ parents. Evan spent the early moths of his life living in their upstairs walk-in closet, that was converted into a “nursery”. It was small, but he didn’t seem to mind.:)

He was around Pop Dye when they had their beach house, and even learned to swim in the pool there. The lagoon out back was where he first learned to fish. Pop taught him how to bait a hook. That home is where he and Connor mastered building sand castles on the beach.

A few years later he later learned how to drive at the ripe old age of 7. He would go riding around in the woods on Pop’s Gator, as Pop rode in the co-pilot seat. A few minor mishaps later and Evan was a pretty good driver!

The past four years Evan got to be with his grandparent’s again as they moved in and lived in our apartment downstairs. Many a Saturday, Evan came downstairs from his bedroom, bypassed the kitchen, and went down to the lower level. Why? Because Pop would fix him waffles. At one point I even bought the same Eggo Waffles and put them in our freezer. But they sat untouched as Evan bypassed them, and continued to go the extra set of steps down, and eat the ones Pop made for him.

One Saturday I happened to be downstairs headed to workout when this was playing out. There were no special place settings with candles, or fancy flatware and napkins. The ambience was nothing spectacular. But then I heard it. The conversation between Evan and Pop. I paused and smiled as they talked about the previous day. They were comparing notes on the blueberry bushes out in the garden. They were just hanging out together.

I have learned several things from my father in law over those four years.

  1. Stuff’s going to happen. That’s called life.
  2. Many things can actually be fixed or repaired, and not just replaced.
  3. A cup of coffee always taste better with a loved one or friend.
  4. Sometimes you go out and do stuff in the yard, just to do stuff together.
  5. Some of the best conversations take place over an Eggo Waffle.
  6. Eggo Waffles ALWAYS taste better when Pop makes them.

As I look back at the life of Christ, and how His life played out in the Bible, I see some similarities with my father in law. Tom was by no means perfect like Christ, and he would be the first to admit that. But like Jesus, Tom learned that it’ all about the relationship, and the commitment. The Bible made it very apparent that Jesus met people where ever they were in life. They didn’t have to go on some great pilgrimage to find Him. Often times they turned around, and there He was, wanting to converse them. Wanting to let them witness true love. I am confident that if they took the time to look Him in the eye, they saw a love and compassion, that they had never seen before. If they were fortunate enough to be one who followed Him, they saw His commitment to His Father.

Pop and Tutu (the names the kids have for my wonderful in-laws) moved out, into a beautiful new home. Several times after that I saw Evan on auto-pilot headed downstairs for his Saturday waffles. I smiled and realized it wasn’t just the waffles….it was the relationship….

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But God demonstrated His own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)