Don’t Give Up!

by kingteamdad


RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – Connor was around 11 when we started our business. He has seen some of the ups, and definitely seen some of the downs. He has seen us when we had plenty, and seen us when we had little. I am hoping through all that, he saw an attitude to be in God’s will.

Kris and I prayed earnestly, seeking God’s will before we started the business. We had a peace that we were in the middle of His will and out we stepped from a guaranteed income, to a longtime dream of working for ourselves. To no pay check for four months. But started, we did. I can tell you we spent a lot of time in prayer.

Our business was still trying to take root 6 months into the new endeavor, when I found out Connor wanted to go to Peru on a mission trip. A close friend was moving down there to be a missionary and he wanted to go to send her off. I did not have time to be gone for 10 days with a new business!

But, two months later I found myself outside of Lima, Peru with Connor, Ms. Heather, and about 30 other people.

I did call the office once a day during breakfast to check in. Sometime during day 2, this worrying potato head had an epiphany. I remembered that we had given the business to God. I also remembered that we were in Peru sharing the story of His Son’s love for us. I mentally handed the keys to the business to God. I decided I would focus on telling people about His Son.

A funny thing happens late at night when things are quiet and you’re tired. You start thinking. You can also start worrying. You quietly and sometimes unknowingly take the keys back. I did that numerous times on the trip. I would have to remind myself we gave the business to God. I had to remind myself it was a dream we had sought His will on time and time again. I had to remind myself that it could NOT fail if He didn’t want it to. I also had to remind myself that it could NOT succeed if He didn’t want it to!

Sad to say, 7 years later, I still go through that exercise. I will give Him the keys, and then later on in the day, I might start reaching for them. Kris and I have only been at this for 8 years. How did Noah stick with it for 120 years?!?

I have a sneaky suspicion he talked to God, a lot! I wonder if I could find more peace in the storms? I wonder if that could work for me?…..

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward Him. You have done foolishly in this, for from now on you will have wars.  (2 Chronicles 16:9  ESV)