Bad Temper is Contagious

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – I am so thankful that Connor and his siblings have, for the most part, learned to harness their anger. There have been numerous occasions where I was not the model I would prefer to be with them regarding my anger management.

The height of it was several years ago. We were going through some very hard times financially with our business. A company we had been working with fired us, rather then pay us commissions owed. It was a very stressful time for about 18 months. I did a lousy job of laying those burdens and concerns at the feet of my heavenly Father, and instead, held on to them. In doing that, I only lingered even longer over the wrongs done, got more stressed out, and as Bill and Anabel Gillham would point out,  came home every day at a “12”. The problem with coming home at a 12 is absolutely anything pushes you over the edge. Even something as simple as a pair of shoes in the kitchen floor (sorry guys). To add to the problem, I had a friend and peer at the time that I ended up talking to about the situation. Unfortunately, he had anger problems and only threw gasoline on the fire, often getting me even more upset. What I was thinking!?!

I look back ashamed at how I acted. At how I didn’t act. At how I held on to those hurts and concerns. At how I didn’t turn them over to God. Would He have gotten us the money owed from the dishonest business people? I’ll never know, because I didn’t give Him the chance.

Unfortunately, I forgot that my God owns the cattle of 1000 hills. He really owns it ALL. So if I truly trusted Him at the time, I would have known He would provide for us (His children) what we needed.  

Today the only reason I don’t revert back to that Ogre, is I spend time with Him most mornings, praying, reading and listening. Talking with Him about my concerns. (He is a lot calmer then my buddy I used to talk with!) Reading in my Bible, I often find pearls that guide me that day. Finally I try to sit still long enough to listen for a little while, and just chill with Him. I am confident my blood pressure and stress level are much lower afterwards….


Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself  in a snare. (Provers 22:24-25)