Healing Choices: A Healthy Dependence

by kingteamdad

Make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” (Romans 14:19 NIV)

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – A few weeks ago Connor was home from school. While here we had a 5K race for Whispering Hope, the local crisis pregnancy center. The whole family went with Kris, Evan and I volunteering, while Connor and Lacy ran. It was a beautiful fall day for such an event.

I took Evan and three cousins out to the half way point where people turned around to come back, and set up a water table. We had a good time encouraging the runners as they began the much harder half of the race heading back. As the last “runner” (a young mom carrying a baby) headed back, we started packing up. We loaded everything on a friends’ truck and then slowly headed back picking up the orange cones in the street as we went. Thirty minutes later we were back in the church parking lot speaking to some of our friends.

One of the pastors came up to me and told me we had some awesome kids. I replied with a smile “we sure do.” He put his hand on my shoulder to make sure he had my attention, and once again told me that we had some incredible kids. This time I looked him in the eye, and told him “thank you, they have a pretty awesome mom!”. For some reason I don’t think he felt like it fully sunk in (an often occurrence with Mr. ADHD) and a third time he looked me in the eyes and told me we had some pretty special kids. This time I just gave him a very sincere “thank you”.

I noticed Connor was hanging out with Mr. Bill, a man at church in his 80’s. Mr. Bill and his wife Mrs. Helen, have had a profound impact on Connor. I walked over and spoke to him a minute, as he cooled down from running the 5k. I spoke to Mrs. Helen, and got to meet their daughter, who was with them. The afternoon wore on, medals for the winners were given out, and we all headed home.

The next day Lacy received a beautiful arrangement of flowers from Mr. Bill, Mrs. Helen, and their daughter. Later a gift card came in the mail from them for Connor. It seems Mr. Bill was encouraged along the way by my two nimble energetic teenagers. Lacy accompanied him most of the last half, while Connor finished the race, and then ran back to finish it with Mr.Bill. I am profoundly proud of my kids for loving on people, no matter their age.

It suddenly dawned on me why Pastor Mike told me three times that we had some great kids. I wish I could take the credit for it. Years ago when the kids were quite small, we came up on a special needs child. Kris, who was a Special Ed major in college, calmly coached the kids through going over and talking with the child. It went amazingly well. Afterwards she showered them with praise, and then through role play walked through what do to when an opportunity came up like that again. Through Kris, our kids have learned true compassion. They have learned encouraging and loving others will come back to them multiplied by their Creator. It now comes as natural to them as breathing.

I want to be more like them!….


So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.  (Romans 14:19)