Serve Even When Inconvenient

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – Several years ago I was the guy who really got bent out of shape if you threw a wrench in my daily schedule. I would get all stressed out taking time away from “putting bread on the table” for the family.

I believe Connor had something going on where I needed to leave work behind for a little while to see it. The whole time I was there I was looking at my watch and checking my phone. It was extremely stressful for me. I was disappointed in myself.

A day or two later a friend going through some hard times wanted to meet me for coffee. The whole time we were meeting I was fighting the urge to look at my watch and check my phone. I’m confident I wore my stressed emotions across my forehead while we met. Once again I was disappointed in myself.

Sometime soon after that I was reading a passage on tithing. The Holy Spirit kind of bopped me in the head and said why won’t you tithe your time?  I thought, “Say What”?  After reading through it again and pondering it, and then praying about it, I got convicted about being so stingy with my time. A day or two later I was somewhere and heard about a guy my age dying. I immediately had an overwhelming appreciation for life, and the fact that I was not the one who died. After that I started tithing my time to my Creator.

Every morning now when I wake up, I have an overwhelming appreciation for another day of life. And with that, I recognize I have the opportunity to serve Him. Since that epiphany, I find myself thanking Him for another day of life just about every morning.

Last evening Kris and I were helping with the youth at church. We are there officially from 6:00 till 7:30, but we needed to hang around until all the kids were picked up. Last night the last two weren’t picked up till 8:15.

The old me would have been stressed out and in a bad mood. The new me just chilled with Kris and the kids, enjoying the beautiful weather we were having. As our kids enjoyed hanging out in the parking lot, I had the opportunity to get to know these kids, find out they were originally from another country, and where they went to school. They were two awesome kids.

I think about our Savior whom we were learning more about at church last night. From what I’ve read, if He had been there He would have been in no hurry, ready to hang out and shed a little “light” on the time together…


No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. (2 Timothy 2:4)