When God Says Wait

RAMBLINGS  From Evan’s dad – When the kids were little we lived in a nice neighborhood with a lot of kids. One day they were watching the “Little Rascals” where they were raising money for their clubhouse. Spanky or one of the other “rascals” decided to do a lemonade stand. You imagine the comedy that followed that. The next morning my crew woke inspired and announced they wanted to open a lemonade stand.

I being the loving dad that I am, without hesitation, told them “NO…you want a cookie?” Disappointment that day was born, like I have not seen since. The long faces told me it was obvious to them that I did not love them. Cartoons were not funny that day. Barney was extra sad that day. The sun was a little dimmer that day.

Months went by and the inspired lemonade stand was forgotten. One day I went into the garage, dusted off a card table, and reminded them of their dream to become lemonade tycoons. Out the front door they went. The sun was suddenly brighter, as the birds sang loudly their approval of the day unfolding. The kids had a wonderful time meeting neighbors and raking in the dough as they made over $7, selling their 25 cent cups of lemon nectar.

They never questioned my change of heart. They just went out and fulfilled their “lemonade dream”. What they didn’t understand was the first time they wanted to do it after watching Little Rascals, it was a cold day in January. Their chances of success would have been slim and none. The day I reminded them was a beautiful warm day, where a lemonade stand would be a welcome sight!

I wonder how many times I’ve wanted to do a lemonade stand and God told me “not NOW” and I heard “NO”?  I wonder how many times I was too busy making that day or time in my life sad and dreary, when God just shook His head and thought “you just need to wait”?

My prayer is the kids have done a better job then me of learning God’s timing. I think even now I see them hearing “Wait”, or “Not Yet”, when I would have mistakenly heard “No”….


For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. (Habakkuk 2:3)