Saving Your Money

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – I feel inadequate when it comes to telling Connor and his siblings how to save. We were tithing, and saving 15% of what I was making, and by the time Connor was 7, we were close to having enough to retire. Then calamity struck, and the savings disappeared.

We started tithing and saving again, and struggled through some trials with work. We sold our house, downsized a little, and started building up a nest egg again. Invested in a startup company, watched it grow like crazy, and then with management changes, saw it fizzle.

We had another unforeseen dilemma in business pop up, and that quickly sucked our savings away. We have had health issues, and medical bills.  Now we have our first in college, who thankfully because of the scholarships he earned, is only costing us roughly a third of what it could have cost.

Each time it happened I would second guess myself.  After some serious lamenting, I would turn to His word and read. I would pray and let God know my frustrations and concerns (since I am sure He missed it somehow!). After going through that exercise, when I finally shut up for a minute, I would be reminded that my family had never gone hungry. There were times we might have bordered on having to eat a bologna sandwich…with no mayo, but we never went hungry.  I look back and see that He didn’t always bless us with a lot, but He ALWAYS provided.

As I look back at my life and the people I have known, some of the grumpiest were those who had the most. Conversely, some of the happiest, lived the simplest lives. They weren’t necessarily poor, they just chose to live a more modest life. My parents were some of those people. When I look back, I see them as people who lived like no one else (sharing one car for years), so they could live like no one else (paying for their new house in less then 24 months!)

My dad who never made a lot of money, and didn’t have his first credit card till he was 70, used to tell me, “Watch your pennies…and your dollars will take care of themselves…”  The older I get, the wiser my dad was when he was alive!…


Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it. (Proverbs 21;20)