Let Go of Doubt

by kingteamdad

It is dumb [stupid] to compare yourself to other people.” (2 Corinthians 10:12)

RAMBLINGS from Evan’s dad – When Evan was younger we signed him up for baseball. He was a little guy on the baseball diamond, loving life in his uniform. He had fun and enjoyed playing. This was exactly what we wanted out of the baseball experience.

A few years later we signed him up for basketball. Evan didn’t score as many points as some of the taller kids who had been playing since diaper age! A couple of the boys could dribble better then him. He looked at them and was discouraged, even though he was better then some of the other boys.

I tried to explain to Evan that we were not comparing him to others. We only wanted him to do the best he could with his talents, and have fun. We took him to practice, not because we were unhappy with where he was, we simply wanted him to be able to improve. He was glad when the season ended, and because of some of the other boys abilities, he decided basketball was not his game. I was bummed because I love to play.

Evan went through a growth spurt these past 12 months. I was looking down on him two years ago, but he now towers over me. We have not gotten out in the driveway recently to shoot “hoops”, but I realize my outside game will be more important now because of his height.

How good could he be against me, if he had kept playing when he was shorter? Like many of us, he compared himself to others, and begin to have that self-doubt. The good news is he can walk back out there today and start working on it.

Spiritually, we Christians need to be aware of where the Holy Spirit might be leading us. Just as Evan didn’t know how tall he would be later, we don’t know where God will have us later. Maybe we need to keep working on those lackadaisical “free-throws”. At some point the “Coach” might look to us and want to put us in “the game”. What we have diligently done to prepare, will be very obvious when we are given the ball!

The great news is Jesus promised before He left, that He would send a Helper. That helper, the Holy Spirit, will be there to help us make the shots He wants us to make, no matter how tall our opponent may be!…


But let him ask in faith, with no doubting,  for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.  (James 1:6)