God Knows Your Faithfulness

by kingteamdad

RAMBLINGS from Connor’s dad – Sometimes when I play video games with the kids, I love to watch the effortless way they play with their controllers. I was stunned a few nights ago as I watched Connor master the battle we were in.  I now understand how they can simply sit, and watch each other play a game.

I have my own way of playing that I often think is as effective. If I look on their screen and see myself, I suddenly realize from their vantage point I look pretty bad. My moves are basic and slow. I am not near as good as I thought, and am actually pretty ineffective in the battle! I wonder if thats what I look like to God? 😦

When I take a look at our kids from 30,000 feet, I sit back almost stunned at what a pleasure they have been to parent. But I really shouldn’t be surprised with all the prayers that have been voiced to God on their behalf.  The prayers started even before they were conceived, praying that God would only give us children if they would grow up to know Him. We prayed over them while they were in the womb, and we have prayed for them everyday since.

So when I look at Connor and see the young man he has become, it really shouldn’t amaze me, but it does. I guess it’s because I know how bad I could be, if left to my own devices. Connor exemplifies in so many ways Jesus. He just spent two weeks of his precious summer working VBS, because he loves kids. One of the times Jesus got on to His disciples was regarding the disciples keeping the little kids from Him! (Matthew 19:14).

I can ask “Connor, can you help me for a second?” Whatever he is doing, even if its in the middle of a video game battle, the reply usually is “Sure”, and, he is already headed my way.

I want to be more like Connor. I want to do my best Jesus imitation when I am around kids. When they think about Him, I want them to have a very easy time imagining what He is like because of what they experienced around me.

I want to be more like Connor. No matter what “important” thing I am working on, when God asks me to do something, I want to be moving in His direction as I say “sure!”

My hope is as I mature as a Christian, that if I sneak a peek on God’s screen and see myself, I won’t be embarrassed!….


And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  (Galatians 6:9)