Convictions Determine Conduct

by kingteamdad

Ramblings from Connor’s dad – Football season is right around the corner. Ok, it’s almost 2 months away, but that’s only 1/6th of the year for us football fans. Growing up I was always a Georgia fan, while most of my family followed Tech. I use to listen to the games on Saturday afternoons while I washed cars. I remember some great last minute victories that I heard Larry Munson describe so vividly for me. I also recall some painful losses. The emotions from those victories would often carry over into the evening and next day. The losses would have an equal impact on dictating my mood.

That passion continues today with our Georgia teams, be they collegiate, or professional. They in some small way, are a reflection on me, at least in the fact I identify with them. Often, I might be seen wearing a hat or a t-shirt representing one of them.

Once Connor and I bumped into one an Atlanta Braves players while we were out riding bikes. He was flying his remote control airplane. We recognized him instantly because we had season tickets, and saw him at numerous games from our seats. (We would yell encouragement to him when he batted. We rejoiced with him when he got a game winning hit or home run.)  We stopped and asked him about his plane. He said it was hard to fly, and then went about flying it. It seems we knew him a lot better then he knew us.

Our Sunday morning Bible fellowship is studying the Holy Spirit. We were talking today about how, at least with us Baptists, there is a great deal of conversation about God and Jesus, but not as much about the Holy Spirit. We studied about how in scripture the “Spirit of God” was mentioned in Genesis and many of the prophets mentioned Him in the Old Testament. In the New Testament Jesus told His followers He was going away, but that they wanted Him to. Why?!? Because the Comforter, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, was coming in His place.  And He did just that, at Pentecost.

I have literally lost my voice cheering and screaming for my sports teams. Maybe it was our local high school football team, my beloved Dawgs, or my Braves or Falcons, that I went hoarse for. I have shown up for church on many a Sunday morning, with my mood mirroring the results of the weekend’s game.

The crazy thing is none of those athletes I cheered for, would even recognize me. They definitely would not be cheering ME on. Yet God, and His “team”; Jesus and the Holy Spirit, cheer me on constantly. They are even willing when called on, to jump in and help me!  Why, because God the Father let His Son die in OUR place. Why? Because He loves US that much!

Sounds like if what I believe is true, I need to get a little less excited about my teams, and get a whole lot more excited about THE team!…


But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate (Holy Spirit) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you.  (John 16:7)