The Church — God’s Agenda for the World

by kingteamdad

Jesus said, “I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” (Matthew 16:18 NLT)

Ramblings from Lacy’s dad [and snippets from Ted’s son] – Last night we had Kris’ Aunt Alyce over for dinner. She is a sweet little saint that is approaching 90. After dinner Kris asked Lacy to get her guitar and sing the song she will be singing at church next month. As she played and sang, we all sat and enjoyed listening to the voice God has blessed her with.

Later I walked through the den and saw her guitar case sitting over in the corner.  The stickers on it gave it some personality and gives the person walking by a glimpse of Lacy’s interest. If I looked inside I hope I would find her guitar put safely away in its protective home. Also in that case should be some of her guitar picks, her capo, and music that she is working on.

Sometimes though, when I look in there I find jewelry, rubber bands, and candy [I’m sure the candy is part of the songwriting process], but no guitar. (It might be laying nearby on the couch, unprotected from an absent minded passer-by.)

In some ways that reminds me of the church. Like the guitar case, inside the building you might find things that belong there [deacons, preachers, Christians]. But like the guitar case, you might also find things that don’t necessarily belong there [non-christians, seekers, pretenders].  Just because you are looking in Lacy’s guitar case, doesn’t mean you will find only guitar related items in it. 🙂  Just because you are looking in a church, doesn’t mean you will only find Jesus related people in it.

Those of us who make up the body of Christ, can play some part in being used by Him. Some of us might be the guitar, others the pick or the capo. When all are put to proper use, just like Lacy’s song last night, the results can be wonderful.

Just because you are walking through a church, doesn’t mean you will encounter only Christians. There might be some there seeing if the whole Jesus thing is for real. We need to be aware of that and be a witness to them when they are in the church with us, or when we meet them in the grocery store. [In other words: if we are guitars, then they are the audience.]  There will be others we encounter who are fellow believers, but hurting. After all, some of my biggest smiles are when I am at the doctors office, sick as a dog, and being asked how I am doing!

If you are visiting a church, don’t let that person who just passed you smile-less, offend you. They just might need to be there even more then you do!  I guess I need to remind myself that I don’t have to be outside the doors of the church to be on the mission field.

I saw someone post something on FB recently that said: Its easy to say you are a Christian…what’s hard, is BEING one!…


Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.  (1 Peter 2:17)