Quiet Time: A Special Place

by kingteamdad

Ramblings from Lacy’s dad – I am sitting here in my burgundy colored recliner, in the corner of our bedroom. If Lacy were to walk in now, she would not call it the recliner, she would instead call it my quiet-time chair. For the past eight years this is the place I go to in the morning with my first cup of coffee. This is the place I sit while I pray and read. There is nothing special about this old chair. There is nothing special about this corner of our bedroom.  Then again, there is something very special about this spot.

For the past eight years God has never been a no-show. If I take the time to carve out a few minutes of my day to seek God, I have always found Him waiting for me.  What does that look like?  It has to be quiet, because He is typically soft spoken. Do NOT confuse that with shy or timid. I just think that God has the mindset that He is God. If I want to hear from Him, I better shut up and listen. Does He always speak audibly to me? No, in fact He almost never does. Sometimes it is as simple as a check in my spirit. Other times it is an unexplainable peace that I have, even when I am in the middle of a major storm in my life. Often I hear from Him when I read His Word.

A friend tells me the Bible was written by men and therefore flawed and full of erroneous writings.  He believes it is mainly fiction, written by men who want to trick us into believing what they believed. If he’s correct…then he is correct.

I tell him that humbly, I 100% disagree with him. If my God is as big as I think He is, He could easily give those writers the words to say. Heck, I hope what I am writing this morning is inspired by His Holy Spirit. I sit here and pray that He will give me something to say that will be a nugget of encouragement for my kids, today or sometime in their future.

Does this old chair mean anything to me? Do you still have that autographed baseball? Do you still have that picture of you shaking the hand of that famous person?  Yeah, this old chair is special. Not because of what it is, but WHO it was I got to spend time with when I sat in it….


And He came out and went, as was His custom, to the Mount of Olives, and the disciples followed Him.  (Luke 22:39)