Please God by Keeping Financial Records

by kingteamdad


Ramblings from Lacy’s dad – The mail just came in. The phone is ringing. Just got a text. Trying to check these 73 emails. Just got another text! When is that report due? Has anyone seen my iPad? The phone is ringing, again. Life is constant chaos.

When it comes to today’s technology, I love it..and, I hate it! It can be so helpful if used properly. It can be so harmful, or at least distracting, if not. My day is crazy most of the time. Yesterday, we were eating at a newly discovered Mexican restaurant. While at the table, I returned two text messages. Two more came in. I finally lay it at the end of the table next to the napkins. My point is that I sometimes have a thought concerning an investment, or a debt, or a “the state of my flocks”. 17 interruptions later, I forgot what I was contemplating.

A notepad has become my good friend. As I talk, or think, and these thoughts come to mind, I try and write them down. I might not get to all of them, but at least I get to most of them.

I am sitting in our RV, somewhere in the Virginia countryside at a campground. When we drove up yesterday afternoon, two families were hanging out playing games by their campers. We headed back out to drive around Liberty University, and then eat dinner in downtown Lynchburg. When we got back in last night, the families were still laughing and hanging out together by the campfire. Just that image, lowers my blood pressure.

Kris and I lay in bed last night listening to the kids interact with each other. Asking for opinions, giving advice, and just hanging out with each other. We both smiled, so thankful for the family God has blessed us with. No they aren’t perfect, but they are pretty good kids. Or as I say to them sometime, “your a pretty good egg”.  They relate to this more now that we have chickens!

I know keeping up with our finances and investments, or “herd”, is part of being a good steward of what God had given us. We are told to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind. God wants us to be wise, and do things out of obedience, and not ignorance.

Last night, I was praying for my precious family. Asking God to provide for them. One day He will call me home. On that day, I want to leave Kris and the kids financially stable. Typically, it doesn’t just magically fall into place on one’s death bed. I can’t do that THEN, if I don’t bother keeping up with it NOW….


“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds, for riches do not last forever; and does a crown endure to all generations?”  Proverbs 27:23-24