Ask God to Help You Get There

by kingteamdad

Ramblings from Connor’s dad – I have gotten so guilty of being “too busy” and occasionally throwing up a prayer flare. God convicted me of it last week, and here I am getting my toes stepped on again today with what I am reading. I’ve gotten off track with my prayer life.

I know that Connor and Evan love Dr. Who. They have watched every episode and make it a point to ask me if I want to watch it with them. Sometimes with my schedule, they will wait days, to watch the newest one with me. The other night I took Connor and several of the other seniors out for dinner after rehearsing for our upcoming skit. At the other end of the table I was not surprised to hear several of them talking about Dr. Who. Connor is always glad to talk to me about the show and his thoughts on what it is leading to, or why something happened the way it did. He and Evan will banter back and forth on why something 27 episodes ago somehow caused something to happen in the most recent one.

If I polled them, what would they say my passion is. What is it I am always excited to discuss? What is it that they might hear me talking about at the other end of the table?

I have a surgeon friend that loves to ask deep questions. He loves to have spirited conversation and, no matter what stance I might take, he will always argue the other side. The other day his question de jour was “What is prayer?” The consensus in the room was it is a conversation with God, where we make our requests known.

If one of my kids ask me for something once, it is just a whim. i.e the gadget in the check out line at the store. However, if I am asked over and over, then it is a desire.

Am I any different? If I am not coming to my Heavenly Father, over and over about something, then it is not a desire. What’s worse, if it is a desire or goal, and I am not praying about it, I must be thinking “I got this one, Lord.  You can take care of all the starving people in Africa!”

I gotta go…need to take a few minutes and ice down my toes!


Father, I need Your help so badly today!  Without You, I am weak and vulnerable. Your Word tells me to “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” Please prepare my path today. Please lead me in the way I should go, and bless my efforts. Please grant me success, but only where it will bring You honor and glory!  In Jesus mighty name, Amen.