Be Specific About Your Future

by kingteamdad

Ramblings from Kris’ husband – I was not necessarily a nice person before I knew Christ. Church was a constant thing with my family, but I was only going through the motions. The reality of truly needing Christ as my Savior, and Lord, didn’t hit me until I was 28. By that time I had dated a number of women. With them I was selfish, arrogant, and pretty much a jerk. If any of them are reading this, I am sorry for the person you met and experienced.

After I placed my faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, I started looking at life differently. I’d like to think, those around me would say they saw a softening of me. What I pray they saw was me growing into a gentler, more considerate person, who began to place others ahead of myself. Basically, a lot less of me, and little more of Jesus.

As I began to study the Bible and the life of Christ, I came to realize God’s desire of what a relationship should look like. In the Bible I read that a man was supposed to love his wife, like Christ loved the church. My prayers and desires for marriage started changing. I processed how I would like to look, with God’s help and guidance. I prayed about what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, what I wanted to have, and the reasons I wanted it.

As I looked around me, I was drawn to Godly couples making an impact for His Kingdom. Some were successful in business, while some struggled. But in all of them I saw great success in their marriages, families and ministry. I found myself asking God to bless me with a woman who I could truly love till death did us part. I asked Him to make her one who could love me the same way, even with all my flaws. I asked God to make it a relationship where we could help each other love Him more, while being a light to a lost and dying world.

I met several wonderful young lady’s at church. But none of them were the “one”. Months went by. The year changed from 1988 to 1989. I continued to pray, but began to doubt God could fill the picky order I had placed. I knew I needed someone who loved some of the quirky things I loved, like southern gospel music.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne day at church I was introduced to Kris. We became quick friends. A year later, the blinders came  off, and I saw this incredible young lady who was as pretty on the inside as she was on the outside. Two years later she became my wife. Twenty one years later I am blessed with three wonderful kids, and a best friend who loves many of the quirky things I love, including southern gospel music.

God SO answered my prayers.

He did what He does so well, He blessed me beyond what I could have asked for!….