Recharging Emotionally

by kingteamdad

Come apart for a while.” (Mark 6:31 KJV)

Ramblings from Lacy’s dad – As I sit here and ponder recharging emotionally, I immediately think of our many trips in the RV. No matter whether it was a weekend locally, or a couple of weeks out on the “left” coast, we seem to thrive on them. As I look at the hundreds of pictures, I am able to relive the moments.

One phrase that came out of our trips is having an “Olive Garden experience”. Multiple times we would be somewhere in the country and decide to go eat at one of Kris’ favorite places, Olive Garden. From San Diego to South Carolina, it seems whenever we found ourselves eating in one, we soon found ourselves laughing. Hysterically! It was almost a euphoria that came over us. All of us.

I reflect back and see a couple of contributing factors. Our family had a time of solitude. It was just us. We were the only friends to turn to and hang out with. Were there arguments and disagreements? Sure. But all we had was each other, and many opportunities to find solitude. With Lacy it was sitting in the back bathroom looking out the open window, listening to her iPod, with the wind blowing in her face. Countless times I recall seeing Evan or Connor, sitting on the couch watching the countryside roll past the window, drinking in the sights. Kris and I would do the same as we looked through the large windshield, often commenting on the beauty of our country.

We had time after time of finding recreation. We rode bikes on the coast, in the mountains, and in the countryside. We hiked through many of the National Parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. We splashed in the Atlantic and the colder Pacific. Many nights the kids crashed hard from that day’s exercise and recreation.

And then there were the numerous Olive Garden experiences. After a while, I think it was almost a Pavlovian thing. We went expecting to laugh and we usually did.

Yesterday, I was in a VERY long wait in the Fagan’s drive thru. and it wasn’t even for me, but for Kris and Connor. In the past, I would have gotten impatient after the first 4 minutes. Yesterday, I had the roof back, the sunglasses on, and decided to just “chill and smell the roses”. As I sat there with my eyes closed, and face toward the heavens, the warmth felt great.

Instead of being anxious, I enjoyed the solitude and the warm sunshine. I related it to the warmth of God’s love shining down on me. It’s always there. Sometimes, oftentimes, I am too busy to slow down and enjoy it. If I were to do that more often, I think I would look a lot more like Jesus…and I would love a lot more like Him, too!


The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to Him all that they had done and taught. He said to them,“Come away by yourselves to a remote place and rest for a while.” For many people were coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.  (Mark 6:30-31)