Legacy through Guidance

Ramblings from Connor’s dad – We took the family out to Yellowstone several years ago. It so happened a week or two before we left, a friend found out, and recommended a guide. He told me how much they learned and enjoyed by having this individual with them.

I called to get more detailed information and pricing. Honestly, I did not want to use him once I heard the cost. Kris really wanted to use him, even after I told her the cost. So we “compromised”….and used him. 🙂

The first day he met us at out RV, just outside the north entrance at 6:00 a.m. My sister, Melody, and her family were with us. Her four and my five climbed sleepily into a 15 passenger van and off we went. The first thing he did was offer us breakfast and drinks that he had packed. He explained the history of the Roosevelt Arch as we drove underneath it to enter the park. When I saw it the day before, I just thought it was a arched entrance made out of rocks. Silly me!

We weren’t seven minutes into the day, when he pulled over and started using his binoculars. Sure enough, he points out some wolves coming over a rise and crossing the road in front of us. We are now wide awake. Ten minutes later he pulls over again, gets us out of the van and starts handing everyone very nice binoculars or monoculars. We walk 30 feet, look down by the river, and see a couple of ominous bear.  The rest of the day passes by with similar results where he is able to point out different groups of animals, tells some history about them, their habits, and sometimes their nicknames. On our own, even with Google, we would have been clueless. He dropped us off that evening at 7:00 and told us he would see us the next morning at 5:00.

The next day we drove to the southern part of Yellowstone and thought we were on a movie set. The ground eerily breathed steam from numerous spots. We made our first stop and before getting out, he pointed out a beautiful pool of water, where someone had died. Apparently even though it looked beautiful with its clear colors, the water was very hot. Walking toward the pool he stopped us again and pointed out a “crusty” looking area and warned us to stay clear of it because someone has lost their life there, too.

All through this beauty filled area, danger was present. Danger that we would have naively driven or walked by, had it not been for him. For two days he helped us navigate life in a beautiful but dangerous world. Educating us on the dangers, as well as the beauties God had created.

Does Yellowstone have some dangers present? Absolutely!  We were told story after story where negligence, ignorance, or poor judgment, cost someone their life. But by having him to guide us, we were able to safely enjoy our visit.

Does this world have some dangers present? Absolutely! In the Bible we are told story after story where negligence, ignorance, or poor judgement, cost someone their life. Today, like 2000 years ago, there is  opportunity after opportunity to blindly get into situations that can have life long, if not generational consequences.

Our guide was invaluable at Yellowstone. He kept us safe while making us wiser to the world around us. I want to be that kind of person for my kids. I want to be helpful like that to others as they walk on this road called life. Heaven knows I have been blessed with people like that in mine….