The Legacy of Acceptance

Present-day Christendom really lives as if the situation were as follows: Christ is the great hero and benefactor who has once and for all secured salvation for us; now we must merely be happy and delighted with the innocent goods of earthly life and leave the rest to Him. But Christ is essentially the exemplar, that is we are to resemble Him, not mere profit from Him. The Journals of Søren Kierkegaard

Ramblings from Evan’s dad – Growing up I knew my parents loved me. They showed it in many ways. As I look back we were never wealthy people, but we always had food on the table, and shoes on our feet. My mom and dad loved us, and they loved Jesus.

Outside of my parents, Uncle Andrew was one of the most influential people in my young impressionable life. Uncle Andrew was my mom’s brother and lived about a mile up the road from us. On Sundays after church, we would go up to visit my mom’s mom, Momma Wiggins. I always looked forward to that trip…because Uncle Andrew lived next door. Everything would be calm in Momma Wiggins house, until, Uncle Andrew showed up. As soon as he walked in the door, the giggling started. He would come in, always with a smile on his face, light up the room, and squeeze onto the couch where we were sitting. Within seconds he was tickling me, or showing me “how a horse eats corn”. He seemed to always have a couple of jokes to tell. Uncle Andrew loved life.

At least in my eyes, he brought an energy to the room when he walked in the door. At family dinners he always prayed the sweetest prayers. Often times on Sunday, he left Momma Wiggins’ house before we did, because his church was further away then ours. With a certain level of excitement and anticipation, he would talk about what they were singing that night, and then head out the door for church.  He loved singing in the choir, and talked about it often. But before leaving, he would always sneak another tickle in or goose me in some way. Uncle Andrew gave me the Legacy of Acceptance. And, Uncle Andrew loved Jesus.

I can only pray that as my kids grow up and look back, they will see that same joy in my life. My prayer is they see the love I have for my Savior, and that it shines through, even on dark days. And, I hope they see a little of Uncle Andrew in me…