Legacy Through Presence

by kingteamdad

Be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15 TEV)

Ramblings from Lacy’s dad – David Gilbert and I went to grammar school and high school together. I was his campaign manager for Senior Class President, and helped him to victory. After making some fond memories and the completion of high school, he went off to Georgia Tech and the Navy. We lost track of each other and the years went by.

We reunited with a handful of old classmates to have a 26 (we missed 25) year reunion. We all went our ways again.  A few years ago I was able to reconnect with David via Facebook. I have been able to keep up with his life with Terri in Tennessee, his guitar playing, his love for classic rock, his now two grown daughters, and the “young Jedi”, which is his first very spoiled grandson.

This weekend David’s mom was called home to Heaven. She had fought a battle with cancer, and God finally healed her…by calling her home. I was in north Georgia camping with the family. Came in from watching Lacy do some horseback riding, and fishing with Evan. Clicked on FB and saw David’s post about losing his mom. It made me think back a few years to when I lost my dad. My mind went to the people in my life who gave me the gift of presence. The ones who I could look in their eyes and see they were grieving with me.

Some of my friends don’t like social media. “FB is a waste of time!”  I admit that sometimes it can be. But I was with David and several other old classmates recently, and we were all asking each other questions based on what we read posted on FB. In many ways it was the gift of presence. They asked me about my kids and their activities. They asked me if we had been camping lately. I asked them about their grandkids, motorcycles, kayaks, hot peppers, and goats. There is definitely something to be said for social media, if used in the right way.

There is now an electronic presence we have because of social media. In a lesser way, it allows us to feel connected. To belong. To travel sometimes half way around the world to tell a friend in France, we are praying for them.

David I hurt with you this morning. I know you love your mom and you already miss her. But know that she is no longer in pain.  She is now healed. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Lacy and I rode up to Dahlonega a few weekends ago…again. We like making that scenic drive up highway 9. We were together several hours driving around enjoying the countryside. Occasionally talking about the subject of the hour. Sometimes we just let the wind do the talking for us. At times she would be a chatter box, other times she liked the wind blowing through her hair, and just looking out the window. Several hours later, almost inaudibly, she said “I love you Daddy”.

I think if David’s mom were a mom of this generation, she would be the same way. And I bet if she was driving David down the road this morning, almost inaudibly, she’d hear  form his side of the car, “I love you Mom”….