Don’t Wait to Obey God

by kingteamdad

This is love for God, to obey His commands. And His commands are not burdensome.” (1 John 5:3 NIV)

Ramblings from Lacy’s dad – As I read through 1 John 5, I’m reminded that this is not our home. The evil one is in control, so if we are not daily striving to walk in His path, we will sooner or later get off the straight path and start making bad decisions.

I was talking to Lacy recently about when we first started the business, and hiring an employee, “Barry”. We went through a great deal of expense to train him. We then worked with him, teaching him all the nuances, to cover our largest account. Two years later, after making unreasonable demands, he left us taking half the business with him. It was painful for several reasons. We had high hopes for the young man, in many ways taking him under our wings, and frankly felt betrayed. Secondly, it was very painful financially, because he took half of our business from our largest account.

About a year later as we were still licking our wounds, one morning I felt God nudging me to call “Barry” and apologize. Say what?!? Lord, for a second I thought You said You wanted me to apologize, but I’m sure You meant have him apologize to me! I remember being reminded, that to my knowledge,”Barry” was not a believer, and he certainly knew we claimed to be followers of Christ. What if I had actually done something to make him turn? Impossible!! But what if?  And he knew we were Christians…could I be a stumbling block for him to become a Christian? No….probably just too much coffee that morning.

Two months later (yes, I am a very slow learner!) I called Barry up and asked him to meet me for a cup of coffee. When he walked in, I could tell he was very uncomfortable and looking around, like I might have a hit man in the shadows. I quickly calmed his nerves and told him my only motive for meeting. I said “Barry, you know we are Christians. And it grieves me to think we might have done something wrong, to make you want to leave. If we did, I want to ask you to forgive us.”  The surprised look on his face told me that was clearly NOT what he was expecting.

We ended up visiting for a few minutes and then he excused himself for another meeting. The heavy burden lifted off of me and was suddenly gone! Would it have been much lighter if I had done it two months earlier? Absolutely!!

I compare it to this- pick up a small rock and put it in a bag. The next day, still carrying that bag, pick up another small rock. Do that everyday, adding another small rock. Two months later, sit the bag down. WOW! When did it get so heavy?? Sure would have been a lot lighter if I had done that at the beginning.

How many heavy bags have I carried around needlessly?  How many am I carrying around right now?….


I hasten and do not delay to keep Your commandments. (Psalms 119:60)