Tune In To God

by kingteamdad

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Luke 8:8 NIV)

Ramblings from Connor’s dad I read a book a while back about Cat and Dog Theology. Sadly most of us are like cats. We only want to come around God when He has food or a treat for us. The world seems to revolve around cats, and they just allow us to be in theirs. Cats walk to the beat of their own drums, and like to live life on their own terms. We had a couple of “barn” cats for a while. The momma cat definitely was benevolent in allowing us to breath some of her air. Her kitten, started out being playful, and running to us when we came outside. Unfortunately, it learned from mom, and as it grew up, became less excited to see us. They finally had enough of us interrupting their lives, and ran off.

Dogs are different. Dogs are glad to be allowed in our world. Very few of us are like dogs, but my desire is to be more like my yellow lab, Dutchess. Every time she sees me whether its driving up in the car, walking out in the yard, or simply walking by the window, she starts wagging her tail. If we are out working in the yard, she will come and want to hang out with me. If I am sitting outside enjoying the weather, she wants to come and lay right beside me. In fact she actually likes to lay her big head in my lap. Whenever the door is opened, she starts wagging her tail, happy that she is in our presence. Why can’t I be more like that? God promises in His Word that He will take care of our daily needs. Kinda like I take care of my lab’s needs.

I can only imagine how lousy my marriage would be if I only talked to Kris for 5 minutes in the morning. The rest of the day I ignored her, came home, briefly thanked her for the dinner and then ate without speaking to her, and then as I climbed into bed thanked her for washing the sheets, asked her to scratch my head till I went to sleep, and went to sleep! We wouldn’t have a very good marriage. Think she would feel loved? Yet that is the extent of what many Christians do with God everyday.

Kris is my best friend. We talk in the morning, we talk by phone all during the day. I check in with her when I am leaving the office, and we spend time with each other every evening hanging out and talking. I tell her multiple times a day I love her, because I do. I thank her for the things she does for me and tell her I appreciate it, because I do. I set aside time to be with her. When I first met Kris, I spent time with her so I could get to know her. As I got to know her, I wanted to spend time with her. In that process, she did a lot of talking, and I listened to her, learning more about her. She asked me questions and listened intently to learn more about me. We developed a relationship that grew to what it is today. But, it didn’t just happen one day. We invested time in it. Listening. Communicating.

What would our relationship with God be like if we treated Him like that?


Still other seed fell on good ground; when it sprang up, it produced a crop: 100 times what was sown.” As He said this, He called out, “Anyone who has ears to hear should listen! ” (Luke 8:8)