Times of Distance

by kingteamdad

“Any relationship involves times of closeness and times of distance, and in a relationship with God, no matter how intimate, the pendulum will swing from one side to the other.” (Philip Yancey – Reaching for the Invisible God)

“Why have You forsaken me? Why do You remain so distant? Why do You ignore my cries for help?” (Psalm 22:1 NLT)

Ramblings from Connor’s dad  It is comforting to see that David, the man who God said “was after His own heart”, had periods where he didn’t hear God. The man who wrote most of the Psalms experienced times when God didn’t seem to be there. Was God NOT there?

The Bible tells us that God is everywhere. Is it because God didn’t know David was seeking Him? The Bible tells us God knows everything. Maybe God didn’t see David in those precarious places? The Bible tells us God see’s everything. Yet He chooses times of silence with David. Is it so David will seek him more earnestly? Is it because David isn’t sincere enough? Is David being tested?

I am not a theologian, I am only a dad. Obviously, I don’t have all the answers. But I do know I love my kids, with all my heart. Sometimes after instructing the kids, I watch them when they don’t know I am around, to see what they will do. I am testing them.

Often times I wish I were more like their mom. Kris always seems to pick the right time to talk with them. Typically, with a calm, unemotional, quiet voice. The kind that couldn’t be heard in a loud room with the TV going. Were there times when David was in a quiet place, but heard silence? Sure. But if I were God, and had the ability to be everywhere, see everything, KNOW everything, I would know the perfect moment to speak to David.

Maybe when I don’t hear or feel God, it’s because He knows it’s not the right time for me, or God is silent because He is testing me….


Father, thank you for always being there, even when I don’t sense You. Thank You for loving me even more than I love my kids. Help me to tune out the static and noise of the world so I can hear You. Help me to walk in a way that pleases You, even when I don’t “feel” You. Please fill me with Your JOY and PEACE today, so that people will want what I have, Jesus. In His name, amen.