New Year New Me

by kingteamdad

Ramblings from Kris’ husband:  A few days ago Kris and I spoke with our Bible Study class on New Years resolutions.  We talked about how to most people, resolutions are something to be forgotten by week 2 in January. We discussed what some of the more popular ones are, and how most are good, like loosing weight or getting in better shape. The class shared with us some of their resolutions or hopes for 2013, and many were glad to be shaking the dust of 2012 off of their shoes. The economy, politics, health, and family issues had been rough on most of us in the class. Several shared how they thought God used struggles they went through to bring them closer to Him.

In preparing for the class I had been doing some reading and came across two different pieces that really struck a cord with me. The first was a blog from 2004 by Mike Ruffin. He believed that if we had resolutions we wanted to complete, that God was interested in them, no matter how small they were. He referenced 2 Kings 6:1-7 and the prophet Elisha. If you are familiar with Elisha, then you know that he did some pretty dramatic things through the power God gave him. He could visualize what people were doing in other places, he healed people, and he was very good at being a prophet. In chapter 5 Elisha heals a Syrian General of leprosy. Later he saves the city of Dothan from a great army of soldiers and chariots. What Mike points out is so neat is what happens in between, in 6:1-7.  Some servants of Elisha go down to the Jordan river to cut some trees down. While they are working, one of them looses his ax head in the river. Because it was borrowed, he cried out to Elisha for help to find the ax head. Elisha went down to the river, threw a stick in, and the iron head floated to the surface. This seems pretty trivial compared to leprosy and saving a city from a warring army. Yet God, allowed Elisha to find the ax head. What’s equally neat, is that God shares that story with us. Mike points out, and I agree, that God wants us to know that He wants to be as involved with our lives as we let Him. If our resolution is to stop smoking, He is definitely BIG enough to help us, and thankfully He is interested enough to help us.

The second one that struck a cord with me was a daily devotion by Lori Thomason.  Her 2010 resolution was to have greater confidence in God. Just as she was confident the floor would meet her feet when she got out of bed in the morning, she wanted to have the same confidence in our heavenly Father. Just as she had confidence that when she spoke to her husband, he would answer her, she wanted the same confidence she would hear from God. She wanted to have the same confidence that God heard her prayers, knew the desires of her heart, and was interested in them, too. I can’t agree more.

Proverbs 14:26 -In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence. Fear is not only the thing we experience when watching a scary movie, it can be defined as “reverential awe” which implies deep respect to the point of awe. That is how I want to see God this year. Dr. Jim taught me that there are two types of know. The first know is one you have when reading the information. You read that lemons are bitter.  The second know is when you actually experience the bitterness of a lemon. You don’t just know, you KNOW.

In 2013, my #1 resolution is have more confidence in my heavenly Father. Not that He will answer all my prayers with a “yes”, but that I will have a deeper confidence that He will answer them, and not question Him if the answer is “no”, or “not now”. I also want to have a deeper confidence that just like Kris will answer me, He will answer me. And like Lori, I want to have the confidence in the new year that God will be with me in the trials that I face.


Father in Matthew 6:33 we are told to seek first Your kingdom, and Your righteousness. I am going to strive to do that. In doing that, help my confidence in You grow. Father only with a greater confidence in You, can I do what You want me to do.
Help us develop a greater understanding of who You are, and how much You love us. I pray that we don’t just know You love us and care for us, but that we KNOW You love us and care for us, and, the desires of our heart. In Jesus name, amen.